We want our clients to feel confident in the quality of vehicles and service being represented when being a valued Veltracon client. Allowing us the opportunity to fulfill client requests while giving access to our inventory and requests, brings endless opportunity to our exclusive network nationwide. Our marketplace is designed to sell and acquire cars for direct client to client sales, with our service being provided from start to finish. This making the sale process hassle free resulting in the desired end goal for everyone.

Who has access – Clients who are established, credible, trustworthy, and understand the exclusivity with in our network. This is a private network where our clients remain anonymous and operate on, trust, respect, and full discretion.

What is it – This off market market place, gives our exclusive clients access to what is available from with in our own network of clients, and can only be purchased through Veltracon. It shows what requests we have to give our clients up to date opportunities and give an efficient way to close a sale.

Where – All vehicles we represent are US based vehicles. Our clients are from all over the United States with some having residence in other countries.

Why we created it – In order to be successful we must operate within our network to uphold the level of consistency, accountability and performance. We created our marketplace to keep the opportunities at our clients fingertips and ensure the maximum amount of credibility in the vehicles and sales process. Veltracon wants to be the face of the brokering industry and this is how we are going to do it.

How does it work – Just like real estate we get a right to sell listing between us and each client for the sale of the vehicle. The details of the vehicle are provided such as, Year, Make, Model, Color, Miles, Price and any documentation necessary. The process and commissions are outlined and agreed upon on each side before any information is posted to ensure full transparency.

** Please email to inquire about joining our network and joining the marketplace**

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