I recently used Veltracon to locate a Porsche GT3 build allocation. They were the only company that could fulfill my request and requirements. From our initial conversations to final delivery, Veltracon communicated every step of the way. They went above and beyond in making my dream come true. I would highly recommend Veltracon for any unique automotive need you may have.


I’ve been dealing with Veltracon for a couple years now. I was referred to them from another
broker and I soon found out they handle themselves much different than many other brokers. They are very responsible, cordial, warm and efficient. Most of all they are honest and you can depend on what they say. Their integrity being so stout and dunham pageable I found to be a very commendable quality. I highly recommend them. I have done millions of dollars with them in dealings and its always been a smooth predictable outcome. I am a very critically discerning investor and I recommend them over anyone else in the industry.


Veltracon handled a $208,000.00 transaction responsibly and professionally. The contract was
formal and binding, much appreciated. Long story short, I was able to get the car that I wanted which my dealer could not provide. And I got to spec it my way.Scott Alerted me when Porsche offered special paint, even though the factory doubled the production time, I was happy. I plan to have this Touring for 10 years so appreciate Scott and Jesse facilitating this. Great suggestions on configuration and agreeing with my color choice 🙂


Jesse thank you for your professionalism and straight forward approach to business! The process was just as you explained and I was comfortable through out. Much appreciated.


I was introduced to the Veltracon group 4 years ago for a specialty car I was looking for. They sourced the car, we executed the transaction exactly as it was proposed and we have done
multiple deals since then. It’s so refreshing to have a team behind me that is very well connected, hard working and incredibly honest. Have recommended them to multiple parties who also have had similar experiences. Just a great group, period.


Was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Veltracon. Austin was patient, focused and motivated to make the whole process as exciting and rewarding as it should be. Great business partners and an example to the industry